I had a simple approach to my business when I started Best Buy roofing in 1999.

Provide a quality roof at a reasonable price. I use local employees, Quality Canadian made products, local suppliers and Thunder Bay employees. I have kept my overhead low by driving older vehicles done modest advertising and kept myself very hands on with each and every job. "You will see me on each and every job".

The roof is one of the most important parts of a house. Poor installation and inferior products puts your whole house which is your most important investment at jeopardy. Take the piece of mind and have your roof done right and at a resonance price with a real warranty.


Rene St Jacques owner of Best Buy Roofing and Contracting of Thunder Bay





Catherine Street Job - 2016-07

Thanks again. My wife and I finally had a look from the street and you can't even tell there was a skylight there.

Fantastic work. There have been a ton of clowns in our area doing roofing work and it makes me appreciate more how great your crew is.

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